“Behind the Wall”
The 2nd Spectral Book of Horror Stories

19 twisted new nightmares, oozing with the sap of fear, come blinking and squealing into the waking world! 

“One of Ghedi’s friends had been hit by a dropped stanchion on an earlier raid, bursting his head open so that his brains had spattered out and ended up looking like worms on the deck, pink and crawling…”

LITTLE TRAVELLER by Simon Kurt Unsworth

“It was reaching out toward the glass door, toward Buck, with a hand or a paw that seemed to be tipped with thick, black claws like the talons of an eagle…”


“One of the big horses bounded in, a black silhouette against the pale sky, the rider rearing on its back, lugged spear held aloft. With a whoop, he flung it down. It struck with a thick squelching crunch, and the screaming stopped…”

HORN OF THE HUNTER by Simon Bestwick

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