Sorcery & Sanctity: a Homage to Arthur Machen

 Sorcery & Sanctity, a Homage to Arthur Machen, is a mosaic of stories inspired by the varying periods of the Welsh author’s literary career. Colin Insole, DJ Tyrer and Thana Niveau present us with visions of occult and otherworldly allure in the spirit of the Ornaments; Jonathan Wood and Avalon Brantley provide secret histories and tear-washed cityscapes à la the autobiographies and The Hill of Dreams: finally, in the Last Stage of the Work, Ron Weighell and Mark Samuels lower the veils about the Sacred Mysteries as was once done in The Secret Glory.

Sorcery & Sanctity is strictly limited to 150 copies, only 100 of which will be offered for sale. The volume will be released as part of the 150th anniversary celebrations taking place at World Fantasy Con 2013 (31st October to 3rd November). All profits from this publication will be donated to the Friends of Arthur Machen.

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