“Losing Its Identity”
Terror Tales of Cornwall

Cornwall, England’s most scenic county: windswept moors, rugged cliffs and wild, foaming seas. But smugglers and wreckers once haunted its hidden coves, mermaid myths abound, pixie lore lingers, henges signal a pagan past, and fanged beasts stalk the ancient, overgrown lanes … The serpent woman of Pengersick The screaming demon of Land’s End The nightmare masquerade at Padstow The feathered horror of Mawnan The terrible voice at St. Agnes The ritual slaughter at Crantock The hoof-footed fetch of Bodmin Moor And many more chilling tales by Mark Morris, Ray Cluley, Reggie Oliver, Sarah Singleton, Mark Samuels, Thana Niveau and other award-winning masters and mistresses of the macabre.

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“The Dawning of His Dreams”
The Children of Gla’aki

There is a lake in the Severn Valley, near a town called Brichester. It is an eerie, haunted place, both by day and by night. Night especially though, is a time when no one in their right mind would go anywhere near it, or those oddly deserted houses that stand, albeit barely, on the edge of the shore. But why? What is it that moves about in that lake, a thing that makes its presence known with three sinister glowing eyes that protrude from beneath the water?

Some believe it is an entity that traveled to Earth, many thousands of years ago inside a hollow meteor.

Ramsey Campbell, Nick Mamatas, John Goodrich, Robert M. Price, Pete Rawlik, W.H. Pugmire, Edward Morris, Scott R. Jones, Thana Niveau, William Meikle, Orrin Grey, Tom Lynch, Konstantine Paradias, Josh Reynolds, Lee Clarke Zumpe, and Tim Waggoner, these are, The Children of Gla’aki.

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“Willard”, “Ben”, “Bug” and “Kingdom of the Spiders”
Unsung Horrors

Singing the praises of those “unsung” horror films that hold a special place in our hearts. 

edited by Eric McNaughton of We Belong Dead

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“The Curtain”
The Dark no 19

Issue no 19 of THE DARK magazine, edited by Sean Wallace and featuring stories by Steve Rasnic Tem, Thana Niveau, Cate Gardner, and Priya Sharma, along with a podcast of Tem’s story by Kate Baker.

“Joining In”
Ghost Highways

GHOST HIGHWAYS is the second of the Midnight Street Anthologies. It contains 12 previously unpublished stories and a further 3 reprinted stories, (one of which is a completely revised version), from some of the most exciting and proven masters of the genre, including Ramsey Campbell, Simon Clark, Ralph Robert Moore, Ray Cluley and Thana Niveau, as well as an introduction by Paul Finch. The themes relate to ghost highways in the fullest, often oblique, sense. But there is another aspect to these stories: that of the haunting residue; ghosts in all their various interpretations. The characters are haunted in some way, often in subtle ways. The nightmares that haunt them are often baleful, leaving the protagonists trapped within the fates they have invoked. Each story has an illustrated introductory page that suggests the mood of what is to come, tempting the reader into whatever nightmarish world the author has created. GHOST HIGHWAYS is the most ambitious project that Midnight Street Press has launched so far. There is subtlety, augmented by an impending or ongoing horror, and a focus on character that creates unease and ultimately, a full blown, terrifying denouement, often not immediately obvious, but always unsettling. GHOST HIGHWAYS is a unique journey along highways that will transport the reader to places – outside the comfort of home, of the cosy armchair – where demons in their many forms, hold sway.

“Bad Faith”
Something Remains: a tribute to Joel Lane

When Joel Lane died unexpectedly in November 2013, the literary world lost a remarkable talent. He left us too early, with so much unfinished as indicated by the copious notes and outlines of stories and poems he had yet to write. In these pages you will find stories inspired by and based on these notes, completed by many of his friends and colleagues – over thirty writers including Tim Lebbon, Steve Rasnic Tem, Alison Littlewood, John Grant, Simon Bestwick, Lynda E. Rucker, John Llewellyn Probert, Gary McMahon, Thana Niveau, Steven Savile and many others. 

“The Language of the City”
Marked to Die: a Tribute to Mark Samuels

Mark Samuels—“the contemporary British master of visionary weirdness”, as Ramsey Campbell has called him—stands at the forefront of 21st century Horror, combining an unparalleled understanding of the Weird Fiction tradition with his own modern take on cosmic dread. An acknowledged influence on numerous writers in the field, his stories depict the isolation and despair of urban life giving way to vistas of universal alienation and, on occasion, spiritual transcendence.
Now, in this collection of original works inspired by Samuels’ writing, his characteristic themes are extended into previously undreamt-of settings: the hull of a Russian nuclear submarine headed to the heart of Chaos; the compound of a Japanese death cult with designs on the human race; a hospital run by the Men with Paper Faces; the Crying Rooms of London’s secret Reverse; the far reaches of the collapsed future and even the private thoughts of St. John of the Cross. Fed by the “strange tales” of the 19th and 20th centuries but firmly rooted in the present, Marked to Die is a digest of urban terror shot through with intimations of a monstrous Sublime.

Shock Totem 10

In this tenth issue of Shock Totem, you will find fiction from Trace Conger, David G Blake, Thana Niveau, Margaret Killjoy, and eight other fantastic authors. TED Klein breaks his long silence in an exclusive interview with Barry Lee Dejasu. Paul Tremblay is also interviewed. Plus reviews, nonfiction, and more…

Come see why Shock Totem is billed as “one of the strongest horror fiction magazines on the market today” (Hellnotes)

“Going to the Sun Mountain”
Black Static 49

The UK’s most prestigious horror fiction magazine.

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“Behind the Wall”
The 2nd Spectral Book of Horror Stories

19 twisted new nightmares, oozing with the sap of fear, come blinking and squealing into the waking world! 

“One of Ghedi’s friends had been hit by a dropped stanchion on an earlier raid, bursting his head open so that his brains had spattered out and ended up looking like worms on the deck, pink and crawling…”

LITTLE TRAVELLER by Simon Kurt Unsworth

“It was reaching out toward the glass door, toward Buck, with a hand or a paw that seemed to be tipped with thick, black claws like the talons of an eagle…”


“One of the big horses bounded in, a black silhouette against the pale sky, the rider rearing on its back, lugged spear held aloft. With a whoop, he flung it down. It struck with a thick squelching crunch, and the screaming stopped…”

HORN OF THE HUNTER by Simon Bestwick