“Sweeter than to Wake”
Love, Lust & Zombies

Let’s face it: zombies are hot, and baby, they’re getting hotter. Although not the most traditional of sex symbols, zombies are truly coming into their own, even landing on the silver screen in romantic roles, not to mention ambling and shambling across the pages of novels and television screens. Gone are those one-dimensional scary characters from George Romero’s grim and gruesome flick Night of the Living Dead. Zombies now have a lot more to offer to the non-zombie world. From the best-selling novel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies to the hit TV series The Walking Dead, zombies are taking over as a source of entertainment. So isn’t it about time they had their more …err …romantic and sexy sides showcased? Mitzi Szereto wrote the sex back into Pride and Prejudice and her new Love, Lust and Zombies warms the coldest among us with stories so daring they can even raise the dead! (Kindle)

“Two Five Seven”
The Eleventh Black Book of Horror

 Do you like horror? Do you like to be frightened? ‘

…I suddenly felt a chill go up my back, as though a spider had dropped inside my shirt and was creeping towards my neck.’ TWO FIVE SEVEN

Or perhaps, revel in sadistic glee?

‘”As soon as the needle pierces your skin, you’ll feel a stinging, then, as the drain cleaner enters your vein, it will start to burn. The burning will make you want to tear apart your flesh and dig into your own veins to relieve the pain …”‘ TEATIME

Do you take a ghoulish delight in the grotesque?

‘His eyes were gone, the sockets filled with flies that crawled and buzzed. His mouth, open and lipless, was a black hole of moving shapes. The odour was overwhelming.’ FLIES

Ah, yes, that smell… ‘…the pungent, nauseating reek of putrefaction.’ SLAUGHTERED LAMB

Sickening, isn’t it? And yet, you can’t resist, can you? Dare you?

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Not to Touch the Earth
Whispers in the Dark

Three Cthulhu novellas by today’s leading horror authors, set throughout the twentieth century. NOT TO TOUCH THE EARTH by Thana Niveau, set in San Francisco during the Summer of Love; THE GAMEKEEPER by Johnny Mains, set in Scotland during the 1940s and 1970s; and ONE NAMELESS THING by Alison Littlewood, set in the Maldives in the present day.

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“The Curtain”
Far Voyager: PostScripts 32/33

The latest bumper PostScripts anthology, with new stories from 29 of today’s finest speculative fiction writers.

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“The Calling of Night’s Ocean”
Interzone 255

 Issue no. 255 of Britain’s longest running and most prestigious SF magazine.

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“No History of Violence”
Horror Uncut

Tales of Social Insecurity and Economic Unease
This anthology seeks to counter a culture that encourages ordinary people to scapegoat benefit claimants and migrant workers, by showcasing fiction that examines the real roots of the crisis that causes hardship for the many, while lining the pockets of the few. These chilling tales will take you into a world where you have to queue to join the queues, personal space is strictly rationed, and sadistic game shows control the population. 

We asked some of our finest writers of fantasy and terror to bring us their dark visions of a society blighted by poverty, debt and privatisation, to explore what ghosts, what private madness, what afterlife, such a world might bring.  

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“The Face”
Terror Tales of Wales

Wales – ‘Land of my Fathers’, cradle of poetry, song and mythic rural splendour. But also a scene of oppression and tragedy, where angry spirits stalk castle and coal mine alike, death-knells sound amid fogbound peaks, and dragons stir in bottomless pools … Chilling tales by Stephen Volk, Tim Lebbon, Simon Clark, Priya Sharma, John Llewellyn Probert, Reggie Oliver, Gary Fry and other award-winning masters and mistresses of the macabre.

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“Tentacular Spectacular”
Steampunk Cthulhu

The Steampunk genre has always incorporated elements of science fiction, fantasy, horror and alternative history, and certainly the Cthulhu Mythos has not been a stranger to Steampunk. But until now there has never been a Steampunk Cthulhu collection, so here are 18 tales unbound from the tethers of mere airships, goggles, clockwork, and tightly bound corsets; stories of horror, sci-fi, fantasy and alternative realities tainted with the Lovecraftian and the Cthulhu Mythos. Here you will discover Victorian Britain, the Wild West era United States, and many other varied locations filled with anachronistic and sometimes alien technology, airships, submersibles and Babbage engines. But the Victorian era here is not only one of innovation and exploration, but of destruction and dread.

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“Guinea Pig Girl”
Best British Horror 2014

 Welcome To The New Home Of Horror

Edited by the British Fantasy Award winning editor Johnny Mains, Salt’s ‘Best’ series takes a journey into the bottomless depths of horror. You will find no ‘pleasing terrors’ here.

Best British Horror is a new anthology series dedicated to showcasing and proving without doubt, that when it comes to horror and supernatural fiction, Britain is its obvious and natural home.

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“The Call of the Dreaming Moon”
Sword & Mythos

 The blades of heroes clash against the darkest sorcery.

Fifteen writers, drawing inspiration from the pulp sub-genres of sword and sorcery and the Cthulhu Mythos, seed stories of adventure, of darkness, of magic and monstrosities. From Africa to realms of neverwhere, here is heroic fantasy with a twist.

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