“Two Five Seven”
The Eleventh Black Book of Horror

¬†Do you like horror? Do you like to be frightened? ‘

…I suddenly felt a chill go up my back, as though a spider had dropped inside my shirt and was creeping towards my neck.’ TWO FIVE SEVEN

Or perhaps, revel in sadistic glee?

‘”As soon as the needle pierces your skin, you’ll feel a stinging, then, as the drain cleaner enters your vein, it will start to burn. The burning will make you want to tear apart your flesh and dig into your own veins to relieve the pain …”‘ TEATIME

Do you take a ghoulish delight in the grotesque?

‘His eyes were gone, the sockets filled with flies that crawled and buzzed. His mouth, open and lipless, was a black hole of moving shapes. The odour was overwhelming.’ FLIES

Ah, yes, that smell… ‘…the pungent, nauseating reek of putrefaction.’ SLAUGHTERED LAMB

Sickening, isn’t it? And yet, you can’t resist, can you? Dare you?

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